For me, wires and screens are essentially magic.  If you ask me how lightbulbs work I would say, “The manual compression of the two-way switch initiates the gamma ray frequency of an oscillating current to expand towards the target bulb.  When it reaches the aluminum plated gold shaft, the pulse coils up the activated wire and refracts off of the inner spindle, causing the reverberating field of micro-electrons to bounce off of each other and complete the circuit, causing light to be the by-product of this action.”  In other words, “I have no fucking clue.”

I had a little conversation with my computer engineering friend.  I told him what I wanted to do regarding dancers, sensors, computers and lights.  I essentially got a phone-lesson in electronics and it felt horrible, like a child discovering santa isn’t real.

My very practical friend also questioned why I needed to bring Arduino into the equation at all.  The most basic things I’m after might not need it.  What I’m looking for is a way to have pressure on a point on a dancer’s body be able to turn on a light.  Jared said there are many examples of this technology that is already programmed, for example, the remote key to unlock the car.  We might be able to hack an already existing program, instead of having to start from scratch to create a new one, as one would have to do with Arduino.

I think my next step is to figure out what materials I would need in order to create my own human remote controlled light switch.


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