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The top photo is the work of an autistic child in Belgium.  It inspired me to complete my own paper creature.  Usually origami strives for perfection, however I love the shabbiness of my swan, almost as if he were a recovering alcoholic.  I found a dark, quiet nook for him in the library.  May he read in peace.



I made raw plop inspired by Larabar. (I will cut the plop into bars after it is dehydrated.)  The only ingredients are raw cashews, raw dates, and raw, unsweetened cherries.  I didn’t have a dehydrator, so I made one.  Yum!


IMG_1515 IMG_1531

I play a game with my long distance loved ones called #selphie.  Whenever we text #selphie to another person they have to drop everything and send back an instant selfie.  Today’s post features a guest creator on my blog, my boyfriend, who sent me the bottom photo in response to my top one.  It is a very creative selfy.


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I have finally saved up enough materials for another shit string! This strand includes a hot pink light up race car ring found on the streets of Brussels, earrings found in a melted snowbank, the whistle imparted upon me by the 2nd year grads, a strand of sequins from a dance recital costume 20 years ago, a pin from my rapper friend and more.